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Experience art from the bare bone beginning to the flourishing final masterpiece! Shadow the process of brush-to canvas, scissor-to-paper and wood-to-lathe with our Artist in Residency Program. Observe as artists work together creating their next element of expression. The program offers support from the resort, inspiration from our award-winning atmosphere and opportunity for artists to collaborate in once in a lifetime experience. Artists are provided with a studio that is accessible to guests and will be holding weekly meet and greet receptions. As their residency concludes, an exhibition will take place in the Walden Pond Gallery. The artist will give a final exchange and unveil their legacy masterpiece.  We invite you to engage with our artists and absorb their techniques in a unique experience. 


Artist Demonstration in
Walden Pond


Artist Demonstration in
Walden Pond
Meet the Artist Reception in Walden Pond


Artist Demonstration in
Walden Pond

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*Fridays of Wandervàle artists will be in Heritage court, 3-5pm
*Fridays at 5 pm artists will be joining the art tour so they can introduce themselves and the residency.

  • Claire Hardy

    Duration of Stay: March 15 - September 15, 2019
    Final Artist Talk: September 14, 5pm; Walden Pond

    For Claire Hardy, painting goes beyond making a likeness of the subject. It is also about recording the sense of the place, the feel of the atmosphere and the emotion the scene evokes. What's more, the subject may only be a starting point in the process of seeking how to manipulate paint to create a convincing illusion of atmosphere and light. She works directly on the canvas sculpting the paint to uncover the rightness of a composition and a harmony of colors. She is captivated by expressive color, descriptive brushwork, and soft edges.

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  • Kerri Cushman

    Duration of Stay: August 8 - 22, 2019
    Final Artist Talk: August 21, 5pm; Walden Pond

    Could a book, like a vessel, be a container of knowledge, or is it just a sequence of spaces? Should it be confrontational or conversational? But most importantly, what can a book do? Constructing interactive artist books, Kerri’s work wraps ubiquitous objects with a fresh visual language by melding iconic imagery and text by exploring in the shifting importance the book, paper and print media play in our lives today. Her current works reflect parallels between the evolution of writing methods and systems, drawing similarities between tradition, practicality, and the future of communication. Is it vital that we maintain the ability to read documents from the past? In this information age, is the art of cursive handwriting obsolete, or is handwriting becoming obsolete because of technology? Kerri sees papermaking and sculptural artists' books as an interdisciplinary link—a nexus between tradition and the future. Kerri will spend her residency making books and hand stitching, resulting in a series of broadsides and handmade books focusing on experimenting with the intimate, shallow space on the surface of the paper. This attention to substrate manipulation will continue through additional layering of collected objects, thread, ink and text on handmade. The investigation will incorporate text and image inspired by the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and surrounding Laurel Highlands area.

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  • Donald Smith

    Duration of Stay: May 20, 2019 - July 14, 2019
    Final Artist Talk: July 13, 5pm; Walden Pond

    After 43 years as an electronics field technician for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies, Don began woodworking as a hobby during his retirement. Inspired by making wooden toys for his grandchildren, he began exploring the use of a lathe. With his first finished bowl, he was hooked, falling in love with the technique of bowl making. He has since expanded his lathe toolkit, studied under other wood turners, and spends every day possible in his woodshop “puttering”. Don’s pieces create a desire to be held, and once in your hands you too can experience the beauty of the design, which often incorporates the wood’s natural characteristics. Delicate and yet incredibly functional, Don carves away ribbons of wood to bring forth the natural curves, sparking a dialogue between the viewer and the natural world.

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  • Jim Inzero

    Duration of Stay: June 3 -8, 2019
    Final Artist Talk: June 7, 3pm; Walden Pond

    Wax manipulator, Jim Inzero, reflects on his lifelong attraction to the shore and the movement and serenity in his work conveys the gratitude and bounty expressed by the ocean environment.  As well, Inzero is constantly inspired by the connection he feels to the people around him, which allows for a unique opportunity to express energy and emotions in a way that ultimately will always begin and end at the horizon; the horizon in which he feels represents the meeting place for the highs and lows of life.  Jim comes to the ‘canvas’ free of preconceptions and open to possibilities.  Jim’s Nemacolin Residency goal is to use his studio time to educate guests about the process of Encaustic art. He will provide hands-on demonstrations in the studio, as well as provide artist talks about his process.

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  • James Morar

    Duration of Stay: 5/1/2019-5/22/2019
    Final Artist Talk: May 19th 1pm, Walden Pond

    James is a Pittsburgh based artist who produces original graphic design and photography for exhibition, publication, and commerce. As well, James curates exhibitions, leads workshops, teaches, and writes. During his residency at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, James will be creating graphic panels derived from geospatial data of the Resort area by obtaining and analyzing data from airborne, terrestrial, and satellite surveys. With this data, the culminated project will be imagery of graphic abstractions that combine the science of remote sensing and the art of cartography. Email: the54c@gmail.com

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  • Lisa Miles

    Duration of Stay: July15 - 25, 2019
    Final Artist Talk: July 24, 5pm; Walden Pond

    By creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition artist books, prints, and handmade paper using ethically-sourced, sustainable materials, Lisa Miles provides the vision and capable hands behind Dutchess Press. Her work meditates on the book as an artifact – a tool for communication across continents and centuries. Inspired by ancient makers, her artist books speak to a universal audience that transcends a single language or cultural perspective. During her Nemacolin Residency she will further explore the potential of a series of miniature beaten bark paper books made with Japanese kozo fibers with a focus on abstract landscapes inspired by the natural beauty of the Laurel Highlands. As well, she plans to reflect on the changing light, shapes, and colors of the organic world, and wants to bring life to a new work that can dialogue with the immediate natural environment. Lisa’s bark paper books are unusual and timeless, but what makes this work unique is the innovative method of “drawing” with plant-dyed fiber that she has developed. Once a “drawing” has been constructed, the fibers are then beaten by hand with a stone on a wood board, and left to dry in the sun. The intention of her beaten bark paper books is to present the viewers with relics of unknown origin which connect us materially with nature and human history, and resonate with our intimate relationship with the book form.

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